As I recall, U.S. troops responded to lightly armed Serbs in Kosovo with a massive display of air power, and in the process many innocent Kosovars died. The fact that not a single U.S. soldier was killed made the U.S. proud and was not the basis for widespread condemnation for the use of excessive force.

Steve Levinson


We are witnessing a holocaust repeat, with greater ferocity and deadlier weapons than the first one. Thanks to the reporters who wrote "Shoot to Maim," the world is finally getting a chance to know the truth. In the past, Israel has hidden behind a media blackout and political blackmail to carry out its atrocities. Finally, people of conscience seem to be saying they have had enough of these stomach-churning crimes.

Meer Sahib
Ontario, Canada


The authors of this article seem to feel that the weight of suffering determines the rightness of the cause. Would a 50 percent rate of casualties among the Jewish population in Israel make them change sides? Remember, the Jewish people have only one real home. Many of the places they came from would only tolerate Jews if they were dhimmi, or a permanent underclass. If the Palestinians are jealous of Jewish success, let them do better. But if they insist on a Darwinian struggle, let them accept the consequences. They cannot claim ownership of land that will deprive Jews of their territory without knowing that they will be opposed. Let compromise become a realistic alternative for Palestinians; let them make lemonade out of lemons instead of squeezing the Jews.

Jerold Levoritz
Long Island


Sadly, most papers don't have the high moral standards to print what is really happening in the Mideast. It is as if the United States is unwilling to admit that it has been wrong about Israel, and is now embarrassed to tell the truth. It is a tragedy that our democracy is paying (with our tax dollars) for these blatant violations of human rights. I look forward to more articles on the Palestinian intifada.

Darcy Van Gelder
San Francisco, California


I must protest the Voice's February 27 cover story. Contrary to what the article infers, Israeli soldiers are instructed to exercise restraint wherever possible. The article also refers to Palestinian protesters as "civilian demonstrators." That term no longer applies when ammunition and violence are used. The demonstrations always involve rock throwing and are often backed up with Palestinian gunfire. It is also important to note that the majority of deaths on the Israeli side are a result of random violence by Palestinians against men, women, and children going about their daily business. That distinction should be remembered when reporting on these sensitive issues.

David Paul


I would like to commend Andoni, Tolan, and the other journalists on their informative special report. It gives real facts about the ongoing Israeli atrocities and inhumane practices against the Palestinian people and stands in sharp contrast to the lack of balanced coverage on this topic in the general North American media.

Wissam Ali
Ottawa, Canada


What would the authors of "Shoot to Maim" say about the current feeling in Israel on how to solve this problem: A unilateral withdrawal from up to 80 percent of the disputed territories, the building of an international border, and a complete separation from the Palestinians? The result would be no more import or export between them, no more Palestinian workers allowed into Israel, and of course the Palestinian Authority would no longer be able to buy electricity, water, Internet access, or drugs from Israel. They would no longer have use of Israel's ports, airports, or medical hospitals.

Journalists would probably fault Israel for being inhumane towards these "poor" people. Well, how should Israel deal with people who rejected a more-than-fair deal offered by former Prime Minister Barak and instead began a war using teenagers and woman as shields to protect their soldiers as they fire at Israeli settlements and Israeli drivers? Until there is a solution that provides security for the Israelis, I suggest the Voice confine itself to worrying about crime in Central Park.

Jeff Gross
Eilat, Israel


It's about time The Village Voice wrote an article shedding light on the blatant violence of the IDF and the suffering of the Palestinians. As if it's not bad enough that Palestinians only have stones to the IDF's live ammunition, the way New York politicians supported the Israelis during recent senatorial elections was a slap in the face not only to Palestinian voters, but all voters who oppose violent and aggressive actions. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Rick Lazio spoke on behalf of the Palestinians. Instead they both denied any past connection with Palestinian organizations—as if the P-word itself is taboo.

Nadia Salem


The Israelis are shooting in response to attacks by the Palestinians. If a group began an uprising in the U.S., it would be put down with as much force as is necessary. People die in war. If the Palestinians don't want to die they can return to the negotiating table and behave rationally.

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