Global Harming

Police prepare to face off with WTO protesters in Seattle.
photo: Andrew Lichtenstein
Police prepare to face off with WTO protesters in Seattle.


Views From the South: The Effects of Globalization and the WTO on Third World Countries
Food First Books and the International Forum on Globalization, 175 pp., $12.95

Five Days That Shook The World
By Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair
Verso, 118 pp., $20
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Five Days That Shook the World bears an argument, an important one, and one worth chewing on with friends: that rather than having forged a triumphant coalition between unionists, Greens, and passionate young devotees of "direct action," Seattle and its aftermath were successful only when the more radical forces of direct action drowned out the enfeebled, establishment-addled voices of groups like the Sierra Club and the AFL-CIO. But it's carried on here in sound bites, ad hominems, macho posturing, and, too often, editorial incoherence. I've never seen a more slapdash book. There's evil out there. The victims deserve better.

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