Eminem Is My Bitch

Someone else with a passion for turning tables is Larry Flynt, and I love to visit his retail venture, Hustler Hollywood, when I am in town. The store takes the whole notion of the sleazy adult bookstore on the wrong side of town and turns it upside down. The Flynt empire created a brightly lit adult emporium smack in the middle of West Hollywood amid all the trendy hotels and clubs. At Hustler Hollywood, you can buy a pink velvety pillow with the words Barely Legal embossed on it, a realistic replica of porn star Janine's pussy (it vibrates!), a supersized bottle of lube or massage oil, and even a handcrafted glass dildo created by local company Heart On. I picked one up as a special gift for Eminem. If that bitch only knew how he has inspired me.

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