Why not take Marcus Camby, Kurt Thomas, Latrell Sprewell, Allan Houston, and Glenn Rice away from the Knicks and see how well that team performs?

Barry Popik


In an item discussing the purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes by Wayne Gretzky's ownership group [Jockbeat, February 27], the Voice wrote: "And no, they weren't really serving fried cactus. That's an old gringo joke, which is just one more thing you probably never expected to get from the NHL." FYI, nopalitos are fried cactus, served as a side dish or in tacos. While they may not be available at Chi-Chi's or Arizona 206, you can find them in the more authentic taco joints throughout the Southwest.

Peter M. Kelly
Houston, Texas


  • In some copies of the March 6 Voice, the byline for " The Wright Stuff" was incorrectly attributed. The article was written by Jon Hart.
  • Due to an editing error in James Ridgeway's Mondo Washington column (March 13), an incorrect name was given for the contraction-inducing drug that must be administered along with the abortion pill RU-486. The drug is misoprostol.
  • In Michael Atkinson's review of 15 Minutes ("Improbable Cause," March 13), the director was misidentified. He is John Herzfeld.
  • The cover of the March 13 Voice Literary Supplement was left unattributed. The illustration was done by Jessica Abel.
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