The Witness Who Was Not Called

A Juror: 'We Only Heard Half a Story'

But Nickerson did not ask that question. I hope he regrets his grievous neglect of due process.

At the end of the second 60 Minutes report, Ed Bradley said: "The one person missing from this story is the person most responsible for putting Schwarz in prison: government prosecutor Alan Vinegrad. Although he wouldn't talk to us, Vinegrad has said publicly he's convinced he got the right man, and that Schwarz's double conviction speaks for itself."

After the trial was over, Vinegrad called me to complain fiercely about what I'd written concerning due process in what happened to Schwarz. Listening to the venom in Vinegrad's voice, I had an idea what Torquemada must have sounded like.

Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes: doing justice
photo: Patrick Pagnano/CBS
Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes: doing justice

Nat Hentoff's previous column on Charles Schwartz, "The Wrong Man."

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