Nearly Everyone Now Has a Mobile Phone. Convenience? Curse?

Age 28
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Director

Do you have a cell phone?I don't right now because I lost it.

Do you think they're annoying?Yes, when they ring in the theater. Now they make an announcement at the top of the show asking audience members to turn their phones off. You see couples walking down the street and both of them are on the phone. I find that strange. Why aren't they speaking to each other?

What's the most annoying aspect of city living?Besides George W. Bush being president? Waiting for the subway and realizing it is never going to come.

AgeOver 21
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Professor/writer

Do you have a cell phone?No. I've heard stories about cell phones and brain tumors. People shouldn't cross the street, much less drive, when they're on the phone. It seems the more we communicate, the less real communication there is.

Do you think they're annoying?Yes. I've had cell phones ring during my classes, and I've watched students answer them. Now I make an announcement at the beginning of the semester that they should be turned off. Most people have them on ''vibrate'' now.

What's the most annoying aspect of city living?The litter, but I'm too afraid to say anything when I see people throw things on the ground.

Resides Queens
Occupation Minister

Do you have a cell phone?Yes. When I had my own business, I used it to make sales.

Do you think they're annoying?When you're in the library trying to study, people answering their phones and talking is rude and obnoxious. I don't agree with people who judge the nature and quality of cell phone conversation. Who am I to say that someone's business calls are more or less important than their private conversations?

What's the most annoying aspect of city living?I love New York. I love its diversity, its mix, the fact that people have differing opinions. I don't like the fact that it's so crowded and that I pay a lot of money to rent a very little amount of space.

Resides Long Island
Occupation Social worker

Do you have a cell phone?No. I have a beeper, but it's not something I like to carry around. I don't think it's necessary for me to be findable at all times.

Do you think they're annoying?Yes. On the Long Island Rail Road, people sit and do business all the time. Just recently I listened to some woman gossiping about the office. I wanted to say, ''I hope your battery dies right now.'' Ironically, that morning the railroad had put up flyers that said, ''Please speak quietly when on your cell phone,'' in each seat. She happened to be sitting on hers.

What's the most annoying aspect of city living?Overpopulation.

Resides Manhattan
Occupation Basketball player

Do you have a cell phone?No. I'd like one. I do have a beeper, but I can't use it to talk to my friends when I want to.

Do you think they're annoying?No. I've never been bothered by them. If I could complain about anything, it would be volume. They're yelling instead of talking. That gets to me.

What's the most annoying aspect of city living?The cops. They feel they can stop me for any reason, including doing nothing at all.

Resides Brooklyn
Occupation Owner, escort service

Do you have a cell phone?I had one until I got into a disagreement with AT&T over the terms of my contract.

Do you think they're annoying?No, they're helpful because most of the city's pay phones are broken.

What's the most annoying aspect of city living? Transportation. I prefer having a car because the subways are so crowded, but I've been in three accidents with my car, so right now I don't have one. In one incident, I fell asleep at the wheel and crashed. I'd been partying.

Resides Manhattan
Occupation Opera singer

Do you have a cell phone?No. The only reason I'd use one would be to call my husband and ask him what he wanted for dinner.

Do you think they're annoying?There's a need for a new etiquette because of cell phones. I'm filled with horror at the thought that people will soon be able to use cell phones on the subway.

What's the most annoying aspect of city living?The fact that people are so inconsiderate. I've started smiling on the street. I think it produces endorphins. People probably just think I'm crazy.

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