Thanks for soldiering on. I know it can't be easy to gird oneself for another evening of probable disappointment, trying to maintain an excitement, objectivity, or even hope. Know that you have a myrmidon in the Midwest eager to hear bulletins from the front.

Eric Anderson
Minneapolis, Minnesota

McColumn Impeached

In Mondo Washington ["The New Debtor Prison," March 27], James Ridgeway writes that "Florida senator Bill McCollum" is reported to have received $225,000 from the credit card industry. The former representative and House impeachment manager lost the Florida Senate race.

Wayne Martorelli
Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Yogi See, Yogi Do

Although MiRi Park's "The Real Cost of Keeping Fit" mentioned the rising popularity of yoga classes at gyms and dance studios, it left out a very popular variant—the yoga video [Mind Body Spirit, March 20]. Yoga videos have started many a yogi on the path, and inspired them to take classes and learn to do it correctly. For those who do yoga exclusively from videos, an occasional class will bring a great improvement in your practice. If you can only attend classes sporadically, Iyengar yoga is a style that emphasizes teaching correct form and, therefore, is very good for us "VCR yogis."

Rob Freeman
Boston, Massachusetts

Planet of the Apes

Thank you for Mark Dery's insightful "Gorilla Warfare" [VLS, March 13], which supports the belief that Planet Earth would have been better off if the human primate had not risen to a position of dominance. It confirmed that absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is no guarantee that things would have been better without humans, but it seems the balance of life systems with their environment would have suffered less.

Bina Robinson
Director, Civitas
Swain, New York

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