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As for white-winged doves, I'm once again hearing that Stevie Nicks is considering going to the annual Night of a Thousand Stevies club event, but first she wants to make totally sure it's a lovefest, not a mockathon. Stevie, doll, I can assure you there's so much love in the room it makes Mamma Mia! look like a hate crime.

That less reticent diva, Madonna, semi-backfired with her "What It Feels Like for a Girl" video, directed by her rather one-trick hubby. I'm the only one I know who even taped the single MTV showing of the clip, except for critics, who were distinctly underwhelmed by it. And Madonna's attempt to assume some of Eminem's fuck-you aesthetic, I hear, didn't sit well with the hatemeister himself. By the way, though Madonna loves the rapper's rage, remember when she thought Sinéad O'Connor's ripping up the pope's picture was out of line? Oy.

I'm glad I didn't rip up my invite to Ilona Rich's "Size 6" art/fashion presentation. It was a zany media circus, clearly mobbed because the designer's mom is scandal gal Denise Rich—I mean because Ilona's a widely known cultural force. Actually, the clothes were appealingly insane, and mamma Denise rose above the hoopla, smilingly telling reporters she wasn't there to discuss the controversy: "I'm here for my daughter!" Well, pardon me! The attendant stars—Miss Teen USA and Cheryl James (from the defunct Salt-N-Pepa)—both refused to comment on Richgate, though the teen queen finally conceded, "It was a little weird, but what do you expect?" I expected a pardon in the gift bag!

A long, ribald . . . evening?: the winning lineup at the Mr. Zodiacs 2001 contest
photo: Brian Finke
A long, ribald . . . evening?: the winning lineup at the Mr. Zodiacs 2001 contest

And now, even though I'm naked and vehemently humping the stage, everyone please stop staring at me. I'm not a model!


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