The Nuremberg Menace

An Alleged Doctor Killer Is Arrested, and an Antiabortion Web Site Returns

If not for the genuine threat behind it, the Nuremberg Files might be funny. The site is so extreme it lists Bob Dole on its list of enemy politicians, considered the "mouthpieces" of abortion. Also in the database are Cybill Shepherd, "Jane (Born Again) Fonda," and Mario Cuomo, who hasn't held public office since 1994.

As Kopp's arrest is a grim reminder of how real the consequences of such provocation can be, the recent verdict in favor of the Nuremberg founders points to the difficulty of halting it. Meanwhile, some of those marked are skeptical of getting adequate legal protection from a Bush administration. Janet Benshoof, executive director of the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, who has been listed in the Web site's miscellaneous section for years, says she is now more apprehensive than ever. "What alarms me is being on the list when we have Ashcroft as attorney general," says Benshoof. "I don't believe he's committed to vigorous enforcement of the [clinic access] laws."

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