Mayor Who?

The Race for Mayor Is On. Who’ll Replace Rudy?

Age 29
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Photographer

Can you name anyone who's running for mayor?Not a one.

Who would you like to see run?Joe Torre. He's a hard worker who's fair to his players. Rick Lazio might also be a good mayor. I'm not even a Republican, but I thought he was genuine and believed in what he was doing. I liked that he went onstage with a cut chin because it showed he had no vanity.

What will Giuliani's legacy be?He was good for crime, but a horrible humanitarian. He got things done, but he ruined a lot of the city's character. The underlying energy that used to characterize the city is gone. Bill Clinton and Giuliani were able to get away with murder because the economy was so good. There would have been a lot more open dissent if we'd been in a recession.

Resides Bronx
Occupation Housekeeper

Can you name anyone who's running for mayor?No. My vote won't make a difference because, like a lot of people, I have no money or power.

Who would you like to see run?I'd like to put a Spanish person up there and see what they could do. Jennifer Lopez might be good. She's beautiful, she has a brain, and she represents her culture whenever she has the chance.

What will Giuliani's legacy be?Forcing the police to write a lot of traffic tickets. He should have told them to crack down on crime and leave normal working people alone.

Resides Staten Island
Occupation Plumber

Can you name anyone who's running for mayor?The Bronx borough president, Fernando Ferrer.

Who would you like to see run?I'd like Giuliani to run again. He's done right by the city, with the exception of the number of parking and jaywalking tickets being handed out. Right now I think he should leave the strip bars alone. I'm still not sure what to do about the peep shows.

What will Giuliani's legacy be?He'll be remembered for bad things: Diallo, Louima. On the other hand, I myself am working today because Giuliani put money into the city. He brought new business here. There are jobs now, and for that we can thank Giuliani. And Clinton.

Resides Manhattan
Occupation Singer

Can you name anyone who's running for mayor?Mark Green. I met him when he came into a restaurant I used to own. Clearly he's a politician, but I like him.

Who would you like to see run?Yo-Yo Ma. He's a great guy who would bring grace and intellect to City Hall.

What will Giuliani's legacy be?Kicking the city's ass. He was a tyrant who abused the city but got things done. At the same time, he was militantly out of touch with most New Yorkers.

Resides Manhattan
Occupation Student

Can you name anyone who's running for mayor?No.

Who would you like to see run?Some eccentric who in that quality matches the character of the city. Madonna could be mayor. She's charismatic and she's a pop icon. Like Madonna, the city is more of an image than a reality.

What will Giuliani's legacy be?Whatever it is, it won't be a good one. I thought his response to the "Sensation" exhibit was threatening.

Resides Brooklyn
Occupation Dancer

Can you name anyone who's running for mayor?No.

Who would you like to see run?Maya Angelou. She wears her humanity on her sleeve and she's a wise, accessible woman. She reaches across lines of gender, age, and race. She's a real New Yorker. I'm not sure that running for mayor would be a personal ambition of hers.

What will Giuliani's legacy be?He'll be remembered for massive upheavals of all kinds. He came in and turned New York upside down. His mandate has been to completely change the city so that it no longer looks like what it did when he got here. Clearly, he's not hated across the board. His policies have been consistent with those of his core constituency.

Resides Bronx
Occupation Secretary

Can you name anyone who's running for mayor?My borough president and Mark Green.

Who would you like to see run?Oprah Winfrey. She's a good spokesperson, not just for women but for people. She's knowledgeable and she's curious. She goes out and digs for information.

What will Giuliani's legacy be?Keeping poor people down. Equal rights should be for everyone. Under Giuliani, you saw pretty clearly that justice applies one way for the rich and another way for the poor.

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