Don Cohen

Robert Christgau replies: The misspellings/misnomers are my shame, but I love music too much not to reiterate that Smile sucks. It first appeared in Consumer Guide as a Dud in August. I reviewed it at length because it finished in the Pazz & Jop top 40.

Tunis Fishy

In Robert Sietsema's review of the restaurant Le Souk ["Night in Tunisia," March 27], he refers to "Tunis's modern Avenue de France." Modern indeed, and more modern than Sietsema's information! There has not been an "Avenue de France" for nearly five decades. The name was changed to Avenue Habib Bourguiba in 1956 shortly after Tunisia gained its independence from colonialist France to honor the architect of independence and Tunisia's first president.

Le Souk's menu seems to be an odd mixture (including an improbable Israeli couscous). To describe this potluck as mainly Tunisian and North African is to do a disservice to the superb Tunisian cuisine and to unsuspecting customers.

Ferida Ayoub

Robert Sietsema replies: I stand by my characterization of the restaurant's menu—"an interesting mix of North African fare"—and, by the way, the portion of the thoroughfare that runs west of Rue Nasser is still known as Avenue de France.


Due to a fact-checking error, the name of Sean Combs's latest album was referred to erroneously in Peter Noel's article "The 'Bad Boy Curse' " (April 3). The title of the album is Forever.

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