End Game Fight Game

March 26 Rob Ray (BUF) vs. Jeff Odgers (ATL)
Lambert-Ray was just a warm-up for this rock 'em, sock 'em affair between two heavy hitters. Away the fists fly at center ice, knuckle-to-face, until Odgers goes over backward to give Ray another solid win.

March 29 Aaron Asham (MON) vs. Gordie Dwyer (TB)
Right off the draw these two shed the leather and duke it out for all they're worth. Dwyer has a bigger rep, but Asham is up to the challenge and zeros in on Dwyer's large target in this spirited draw of a dustup.

April 5 Matthew Barnaby (TB) vs. Sandy McCarthy
& Dale Purinton (NYR)

The league's leading sin-bin occupant, Barnaby, shows what he's made of by toeing the line with both Ranger heavyweights in the first period of a meaningless, late season game between budding rivals. Dwarfed in size by McCarthy, Barney hangs in close and delivers some nice shots—from both the left and right—to the Sandy man until they both hit the deck. Then rookie Purinton comes a-calling and gets his money's worth as Barnaby is ready to rumble once again. He takes the center-ice decision against the pugilist Purinton, and cements his status as NHL penalty-minute king for the 2000-01 season.

Round 2: Barnaby (l) takes on Purinton
photo: Charles W. Luzier
Round 2: Barnaby (l) takes on Purinton

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