From Louis XIV to Le Hip-Hop

French Choreographers Transform American Moves

Blanca Li—friend to filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, ex-bar owner, and student of Graham technique—is a powerhouse of self-determination. She rented space in Pigalle, Paris's red light district, and mounted quirky cabarets and funky flamenco to fund her modern dance vision. Li brings her many personae to her one-woman Zap! Zap! Zap!

"Some of these choreographers have a classical base, some show postmodern influences from the States, and some reflect theatricality from German Expressionism and their own personal backgrounds," Loukos notes. "But there's a strong Latin flavor in all of them that is clearly French." He lauds the government for helping modern dance build loyal audiences in the provinces as well as in Paris. "It's amazing that in France, where the classical tradition is so strong, a modern style could develop, flourish, and find acceptance so quickly." Vive la difference.

Mover and movie: Philippe Decouflé’s Compagnie DCA
photo: Q. Berthoux/Enquerand
Mover and movie: Philippe Decouflé’s Compagnie DCA

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