Jean Jean-Pierre ["Haiti's Virtual Government," April 3] has a clear view of the situation in Haiti. It is sad that every time one thinks that things can't get worse, we find a way to surpass ourselves. Like most of my brothers and sisters in the diaspora, I dream of going back to a secure country. But that dream will be locked up in our heads for years to come.

William McIntosh


I'm the man in the wheelchair with the "angel face" mentioned in Rita Ferrandino's "Terms of Service" [March 27]. The article states I was fired after an AOL member complained I "had announced her home address in a chat room." That is wrong. I sent the info to her alone via instant message. She was one of those cybersex chicks who didn't like the fact that I didn't want to play her game. I messed with her because the info was at my fingertips. I was young and not at a good place in my life. I'm not a psycho.

Jason Graber
San Diego, California


Due to a copyediting error, a sentence in Gary Giddins's April 17 Weather Bird column referring to pianist Vijay Iyer's record label was changed. It should have read: "Iyer, not yet 30, has recorded three discs as a leader for Asian Improv."

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