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Meanwhile, Jordan's producer mom, Daryl Roth, is pushing a Charles Busch-written show to HBO about a fresh-faced guy who becomes a ruthless Broadway talent. Don't look at me!

From producers to The Producers, it's wild that Judgment at Nuremberg and The Gathering are struggling to fill seats, while a few blocks away, Jews—and everyone else—are lining up for "Springtime for Hitler." And they should! The Producers slays you with self-aware, instantly hate-deflating Jew jokes, tit jokes, blind jokes, and gay stereotypes so over-the-top you cheer on the silliness (especially when realizing the show is basically a love story between two men). It's an offensive musical that clicks for all the right reasons about an offensive musical that clicks for all the wrong reasons. It enraged me—and I want to see it nine more times.

Finally, the most challenging yet fun-fun-fun Off-Off-Off-Broadway production is the Troll Museum on the sixth floor of an Orchard Street tenement—Mel Brooks would no doubt give it a standing ovation while sitting. The curator is the Reverend Jen, a singularly possessed young lady who practices Hal ("the religion of the uncool") and deeply misses Woolworth's. But the museum—"a Disneyland for intellectuals"—is her real passion, and at last she's come out from under the bridge to talk about it.

Orchard Street haute couture: the ‘‘Armani’’ display at the Troll Museum
photo: Brian Finke
Orchard Street haute couture: the ‘‘Armani’’ display at the Troll Museum

Jen's been fixated on troll dolls since her early years in Maryland, identifying so strongly with the snouty darlings that she tried to get troll hair (if not boas) woven into her own mane, only to have her hair fall out! Today, it's all grown back, but the trolls are woven into her every pore. The museum—viewable by appointment (646-242-3654)—is wondrous, consisting of paintings, authentic merch, and an "Armani" exhibit of dolls in homemade couture outfits, which Jen likes to imagine Armani actually designed. But why trolls, doll? "Because they're a mix of cute and ugly," Jen said, "like Chihuahuas or monkeys." Or Olsen twins?


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