But sometimes irony is the best balm: Every Sunday the God-Squadders on the Los Angeles Dodgers hold their chapel in a conference room named for one of the team's legends: Sandy "Super-Jew" Koufax.


• By the time you read this, the name George Herman Ruth may have been erased from the top of the baseball record books. Rickey Henderson, the 42-year-old outfielder for the San Diego Padres, stands only two free-passes away from the all-time walks record of 2062, the last major "counting" record still held by Ruth. Ruth had at one time virtually owned the record book—topping the lists of home runs, runs batted in, extra base hits, and strikeouts at the time of his retirement. (Ruth does still hold the career record for slugging percentage.) Next on Rickey Watch 2001: the all-time runs-scored record of 2245 (Rickey has 2179), held by another dead white guy, Ty Cobb. . . . • Good to see Canadians clinging hard to their national pastime, no matter what the circumstances. During last weekend's demonstrations at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec, protesters used hockey sticks to slap away tear-gas canisters fired at them by police. . . . • They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, we're practically red-faced after the huge compliment paid to Jockbeat in the April 23 issue of Sports Illustrated. The esteemed magazine's front-of-the-book Scorecard section followed our lead in a couple of areas in that edition, starting with what is probably the glossy's first skeptical take on the stadium-building boom. SI even quoted 1998 Voice sports journalist of the year, Andrew Zimbalist, in the item, which covered a subject that has long been a Jockbeat staple. A flip of the page reveals the Scorecard's "Style File," which bears a curious resemblance to "Uni Watch." So much so that it tackled a topic that we took on more than a year ago, in our April 18, 2000, issue: the San Diego Padres now-annual donning of camouflage-patterned jerseys and olive-green caps. Really, guys, we're honored. But we've long felt that way, considering the Scorecard section itself is merely a Jockbeat ripoff to begin with. . . . • One last note on the Knicks-religion scandale: The American Jewish Congress has called on Katherine Harris (yes, that one) to remove Charlie Ward from his position as the official spokesman for Florida's "Born to Read" program because of his comments in the Times. Harris has yet to respond.

Contributors: Geoffrey Gray, Allen St. John, Ramona Debs, Peter Ephross
Sports Editor: Miles D. Seligman

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