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I just got six cents' worth of gossip and will gleefully scream it into my cell (though I may wait till 8 p.m., when I get more free minutes). Everyone's been buzzing about how Tina Brown pulled her Talk cover at the last minute to put The Producers on instead. Well, hello! Miramax happens to back the hit musical! (But that's not the real reason—Tina adored the show.)

Meanwhile, put this on your cover and read it: Gay pundit Andrew Sullivan is being criticized for reportedly blaring about his voracious lust for swapping "loads" on an encounter Web site for barebackers (though at least he's openly poz). This attack may seem rough—we all have our little secrets and scandals—but Sullivan haters feel he's being deeply hypocritical, considering he's the dude who preaches "Christian ethics," decries "libidinal pathology," and lectures the gay community for being too sex-obsessed, polygamous, and irresponsible. Sullivan didn't return a call for comment.

In other risky business, Dancing Queens, the upcoming double-CD of drag queen anthems, has caused even more of a stir than Shequida's arias. As you've read, the record company wants Giuliani to approve its promotional attempt to put drag statues around the city, à la last year's cows. (They could just reuse the cows for some of the queens I know.) Well, here's a new (Kitty) twist: The commercial for the CD—which has three large drag queens dancing their heinies off—was just turned down by a trio of supposedly gay-friendly stations: Ovation, Oxygen, and the Food Channel! Oh, well, at least the project's gotten the support of Donald Trump, who said he'd dress up as Veronica Lake to model for a statue. Or maybe they can just use Ivanka.

And now, can I get some support through this Tom Cruise mess? That porn star says he never even met Cruise and doesn't know how this "disgusting" rumor started. But, excuse me, he'd told the story to at least three journalists on the record. Someone explain—now, sugar!

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