Beyond McVeigh

What the Feds Won’t Tell You About Oklahoma City

ANDREW STRASSMEIER: This former member of the German army, who had intelligence training, says he served for a time as security consultant at Elohim City to make money while in the U.S. He told reporters he met McVeigh once at a Tulsa gun show and denies any involvement. But a reporter for the Tennessean quoted Larry and Cathy Wild, residents of northern Kansas, as remembering seeing and talking to a man they think was Strassmeier at a lake north of Herington one week before the bombing. Larry Wild, a retired high school coach, remembers saying to the man, "Your dialect is really different. Are you a soldier?"

"No," said the man.

Wild asked if he worked for the government, and said the man "kinda laughed."

Additional reporting: Rouven Gueissaz and Adam Gray

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