The Black Eagle Swoops Into Sudan

‘I Saw the Slavery of My Ancestors’

But the nations of the world have been silent, as has Kofi Annan, secretary general of the United Nations—the man who could have stopped the holocaust in Rwanda in 1994, but was also silent then. The New York Times heartily endorses the desire of this "calmly elegant" man—the Times' description—for a second five-year term. And how much actual reporting has the Times done about slavery in Sudan?

No, neither "the morality of the world" nor The New York Times will free the slaves. It's up to us.

Sudan has just been named to the UN's Human Rights Commission. Meanwhile, a recently liberated slave tells of how her baby's throat was cut by one of the Arab raiders, and after being gang raped, she was forced to carry the child's head en route to the north. At one point, she was ordered to throw the baby's head onto a fire.

The United Nations is of no use to the blacks still enslaved.

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