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What designer deserves major props for helping produce the final night of the ambisexual rock club event, Squeezebox? (Another free answer: Calvin Klein.) What drag queen told me at that very event that he once slept with author-scene maker Victoria Leacock? (Justin Bond—a/k/a Kiki—who added, "I prefer men, but it was nice and didn't stop me from sleeping with other women later.") How did superstar DJ Moby assess the Bush administration to me at the recent gala benefit for the Public Theater? ("The half-assed attempts to placate the electorate are offensive in that some people actually fall for them!")

What's the official response to a tip I got claiming Peter Gatien might sell Limelight to Spa owner David Marvisi? ("Peter says he'd rather burn down the club than sell it to him," claims Spa's publicist. Gatien denies saying that and adds that he's "had no conversations with anybody representing Marvisi.") Who'll star in the prequel to King of New York, with Christopher Walken's blessing? (Mark Wahlberg.) Did Disney trim scenes from Pearl Harbor's Japanese release out of deep compassion? (No, "They are a huge market," a rep explains, "and accounted for 20 percent of the profits for Titanic.") Why is actor Bobby Cannavale glad he's out of Third Watch and into 100 Centre St.? ("I had nothing to do," he told me at a party last week. "I'd be like, 'His pulse is dropping.' And they'd say, 'Be sexy.' ") Whom did I just praise for publicly thanking her girlfriend, only to have her later say she was actually gushing over a "close friend"? (Rosie O'Donnell.) What happened to Rosie's publicist's recent insistence that Rosie and her girlfriend "never hide away. . . . She is what she is"? What you talking 'bout, Willis?


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