God and Man at Cannes

The Mirror Has Two Faces

One or two finds are not enough to suggest that there's a vital new generation of filmmakers to take the place of the old masters. Almost all the great films in Cannes were by obsessive, wily, courageous old codgers who find a way to continue working even though they've outlived the collective vision that inspired them to make movies in the first place. No one believes any longer, as in the '60s, that film can transform the world. That's what Godard is saying when he ends Éloge with the line "Perhaps I said nothing." And it's more than passing sad.

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Histoire du cinéma: Bruno Putzulu in Éloge de l’Amour
photo: Cannes Film Festival
Histoire du cinéma: Bruno Putzulu in Éloge de l’Amour

The complete Village Voice series on Cannes 2001.

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