President Sharpton

Reverend Al Sharpton Says He’ll Seek the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Right Guy for the Job?

Age 24
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Assistant casting director

What do you think of Al Sharpton?I think he's an opportunist, but at the same time I think he's so consistent that it's almost admirable. Louis Farrakhan aside, a lot of the mouthpieces of the movement have fallen by the wayside. Jesse Jackson has to take a break, although I think the country is going to forgive him the way they did Clinton. Jesse's just going to have to wait until another big scandal breaks. Frankly, I'd like to see Hillary Clinton have a love child.

Would he make a good president?No. He'd have to really expand his base and embrace other minority groups. He would do wonders for the hair-roller industry, and I'd love to see him wear a do-rag.

Would you vote for him?Yes, if it came down to a race against George W. Bush. Sharpton would need a good running mate. A smart black woman would be my choice.

Resides Brooklyn
Occupation Marketing manager

What do you think of Al Sharpton?He's a troublemaker. He's only in it for himself, and he puts the issues ahead of the people he's supposed to be representing far too often. He's splashy and theatrical instead of substantive. I happen to agree with a lot of his politics, but would I want him representing me? No.

Would he make a good president?Absolutely not. Put him in front of Middle America and it would be over.

Would you vote for him?No.

Resides Bronx
Occupation Fitness instructor

What do you think of Al Sharpton? I think he's a great person, but he pisses too many people off.

Would he make a good president?He doesn't have enough national recognition to run for president. Because he has a lot of votes in the city, I think his best bet would be to start off small by running for mayor. That way when he gets to the big leagues he doesn't get eaten up.

Would you vote for him?I'd support him if he ran, but it would be a lost cause.

Resides Manhattan
Occupation Paralegal

What do you think of Al Sharpton?I think he's one-dimensional. I don't even know if I respect his intentions, although I do respect the movement. He alienates people who would be inclined to follow him, because the media presents him as a leader of black people instead of a leader of everyone.

Would he make a good president?No. You need a vision to be a good president. Bush doesn't have a vision.

Would you vote for him?It would depend on who he was running against. He'd need a good running mate. Joe Lieberman would ground his candidacy, especially here in New York.

Resides Brooklyn
Occupation Musician

What do you think of Al Sharpton?Half the time I agree with what he says, the other half I think it's garbage. Sharpton is a role model for a lot of people who've had fewer choices and who are disadvantaged. I like him for his persistence and for the fact that he actually helps people. I say good for him for running for president, but why would anyone want to be a politician?

Would he make a good president?No. He's too controversial and too aggressive.

Would you vote for him?No.

Resides Brooklyn
Occupation Customer service rep

What do you think of Al Sharpton?I really don't like him. I'm Puerto Rican and I was upset by his fight with Fernando Ferrer. Maybe if Sharpton apologized for Tawana Brawley, more people might get behind him. That case ruined a lot of lives.

Would he make a good president?No. He's too pushy, and he represents too narrow a group of people.

Would you vote for him? No.

Resides Manhattan
Occupation Personal trainer

What do you think of Al Sharpton?He needs to choose his issues more carefully. He's also a media hound, though I wonder if you went back to the '60s if you'd see that people like Martin Luther King were too. He got burned on the Tawana Brawley case, but I don't think he's going to apologize, even for his career. Once these people take a stand, they never back down.

Would he make a good president?He'd be better than the one we have now.

Would you vote for him?It depends on who he was running against. I'd support anybody who ran against George W. Bush.

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