Frosting Cake

The straight women weren't expressing their sexuality for money or men's pleasure. When these girls got on stage, they were giving it up as much for themselves and each other as they were for the boys watching, and that put them firmly in control. Yes, things may have gotten a little out of hand, too much skin showing for our anti-sex mayor's tastes. But the reason things went so far is a testament to the positive space that Cake created; everyone felt safe to let loose. As Giuliani has shut down strip clubs and other sex shops, the storefront may go away, but the desires it catered to will not. (The next day's Post, however, reported that Spa renounced the evening's activities, and won't permit another striptease.) Plus, there have rarely been venues for sex-positive straight women where they could feel empowered about their sexuality without it being simply commodified and objectified by men. Every woman needs this kind of Cake.

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