They’ve Got Rhythm

June Blooms: Tribeca to Chelsea to Lincoln Center

The pas de six and tarantella from August Bournonville's Napoli also display dancers in charming, more demure solos and a celebration. Nikolaj Hübbe, reared on the ballet in Denmark, brings out in his staging the swift, springy Bournonvillian feet, the generous port de bras, the bounding jumps. Austin Laurent, Ashley Knapp, Annabelle Wylie, Allen Peiffer, Zoe Zien, and David Blumenfield performed with particular distinction.

The program also featured a premiere, Telemann Overture Suite in E Minor. This is an accomplished ballet by Melissa Barak, a member of New York City Ballet's corps who's slated to create a piece for the company next season. Barak occasionally crams in too much, but she has an innate sense of what steps suit what music, and she plays engaging games with contrasting linked trios that seem like bright conversations among friends. The soloists, Carly Sebouhian and Emily Hendrickson, danced excellently. All in all, a formidable bunch of teenagers.

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