Twilo Lives on eBay

"We will be back," read Twiloboss's June 15 post to's message board. "Some of you already know when and how." The cryptic post made semiofficial what many Twilo regulars feared: The club, which was closed in early May by the city's buildings department for occupancy violations and was then stripped of its cabaret license on May 24, would not be reopening in its spot on West 27th Street.

Twiloboss, a Rhode Island rare book and art collector who "called the shots, took half the money, and never came to Twilo," according to a source close to the club, created even more of a stir with the additional news that Twilo's massive disco ball was being auctioned on eBay. Valued at more than $3000 at press time, the ball is one of 12 items from Twilo being pimped for cash. Also available are Junior Vasquez's DJ booth ($4150), the "Undercover Police Are on the Premises at All Times" poster ($417) that once resided by the cash register, and the ticket issued by the New York buildings department that originally shut the club down ($610). Even the ballyhooed Phazon sound system is on the market, currently going for a whopping $33,500. Potential buyers need to act fast: The first auction to close is for the disco ball (Wednesday around 8 p.m.); the last ends Sunday for the club's awning ($560) at around eight in the morning—right when Junior devotees of yore might have been ending a good night out.

Keith Richards as bookworm
photo: Walter Disney
Keith Richards as bookworm

One bidder, asked what he would do if he won the rights to purchase the four-foot sphere of mirrored glass, suggested he'd ship it to a Fire Island club, while another planned to put it in storage until Twilo could reopen. But clearly, not everyone is thrilled by the inglorious disassembly of the club. "It's sad that they're auctioning it off to the highest bidder," says Aaron Persinger, a 24-year-old temp who says he never missed a Junior night, and that he'd borrow from friends if necessary to pay for the ball. "It needs to be preserved as a piece of nightlife." The Twilo source called the auction "tasteless," saying the owner responsible for the auction is already "richer than most." "It just shows you the lack of respect he has for what we all took so seriously."—Bill Werde

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