Pride Guide

From wholesome community forums to frenzied bacchanalia, enjoy Pride with our decidedly opinionated picks of what to do during queer New York's monster party week. More gay-themed happenings are found throughout Voice Choices—just look for the *.

Comments by José Germosén and Keisha Franklin

This documentary unleashes the unseen queer community of Cuba, and breaks down the past and future of gay life there with interviews depicting the stereotypes and militant ideals impressed on its people. June 20 at 7:30, Brecht Forum, 122 W 27th, 10th fl, 242-4201. (KF)

Hedda Lettuce—"Crouching Trannie, Hidden Drag Queen"—is at it again as the host of this night of comedy. An all-star, all-gay lineup brings some of the most notable queers around town to the stage, including Johnny McGovern, Corey Andrews, and Julie Goldman. June 20 at 9, Carolines on Broadway, 1626 Bway, 757-4100. (KF)

Elected officials from the many facets of the LGBT community celebrate with a forum introducing this year's candidates for the council. June 20 from 6:30 to 9, Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center, 1 Little W 12th, 620-7310. (KF)

Who's that velvet-haired looker with the perfectly clipped lip foliage? Mr. Murray Hill—is that you? Been thinking about you over here, Mr. Hill, oh yes: the caressing lull of your vodka-swilled voice, brimming with memories of nights at home with just the stereophone to bring me to calm, the sound of some orchestra matching your bubbly charms. Someone told me you're all woman inside! I don't believe it! Will you comfort me again with those witty one-liners? Will I get to swoon to your croons of passion? Accompanied by the Stiff Gimlets, with Paul Leschen. June 20 at 8, Siren, 12 St Marks Pl, 539-3197. (JG)

Stricter abortion laws, cavalier environmental policies, and chicken bones thrown toward queer issues—how do we direct ourselves in times like this, when the right to shop just isn't enough? This forum tries to find an answer, hosted by Kevin Concannon of the NYC Log Cabin Republicans, with Paula Ettelbrick and Ingrid Rivera of the NGLTF Policy Institute, Kevin McGruder of Gay Men of African Descent, and Carlie Steen of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health. June 20 at 6:30, Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center, 1 Little W 12th, 604-9830, ext.16. (JG)

Now in a stage in which it is grossly affecting poorer people—especially women of color—outside of the gay community, it's hard not to look at AIDS's impact on the world, not to mention it's hand in the evolution of queer culture. But do people in our community care enough to continue fighting? Pollack star Marcia Gay Harden, columnist Liz Smith, and AIDS pioneer Dr. Mathilde Krim host this gala event to honor those who led the fight to galvanize the gay and lesbian community during the onset of the AIDS crisis. June 21 at 6:30, Chelsea Piers, Pier 60, 23rd and W Side Hwy, 806-1799. (JG)

Dean Kostos curates these events celebrating the literary style of his favorite queer contemporaries. Regie Cabico hosts the first, a poetry slam, with wordsmiths Emanuel Xavier, Eileen Myles, and Laurie Weeks. A brunch rounds out the center's second reading, with Davidson Garrett, Octavio Gonzalez, Jan van Ingen, Carol Rosenfeld, and Steve Tutell. June 21 at 7:30 and June 23 at noon, Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center, 1 Little W 12th, 620-7310. (KF)

In the midst of muscle obsession, corny television, and a new bid at "normalcy," it's hard to remember that gay legitimacy started with the drag queens. Celebrate the spirit of the original gay-rights suffragettes—the queens who rioted at the Stonewall Inn—with this celebratory parade of queens, kings, and general freaks and renegades of the queer world. June 22 at 7:30, Tompkins Sq Park, Avenue A and 8th. (JG)

The name may have you believing that the DUMBA folks are a bunch of self-loathing right-wingers on a rampage, but in reality they're a group of young, vibrant self-affirmed radical queers who are concerned with the hypercommercialization of what they see as a festival of community. Festivities include a showing of John Philip's Rudyland, plus speakers and per-formers that include Kate Rhee of the Prison Moratorium Project, Todos Son Vieques, and poetess Stacyann Chin. Post Drag March and Pot Luck/Dance Party: June 22 at 8; Gay Shame 2001: June 24 with pot luck at 2, speakers at 4, performances at 8, Dumba, 57 Jay, DUMBO, Bklyn, 718-670-3719, (JG)

NYC Gay Hockey Association provides a chance for local men and women to scuff the ice in a fun and competitive environment, with members ranging from total beginners to full-time superjocks. NYCGHA's two developmental teams, the Rockets and the Ugly Americans, plus their newly formed competitive lock sticks on the ice with teams from L.A., Ottawa, and Vermont for Chelsea Challenge 2001, the group's inaugural puck-busting tournament. Games 1 and 2: June 22 at 8; Games 3-5: June 23 at 9 a.m.; Games 6-8: June 23 at 7; Championships: June 24 at 9 a.m., Chelsea Piers Sky Rink, Chelsea Piers, Pier 61, 23rd and W Side Hwy, 252-4351, (JG)

Controversial porn star Tony Valenzuela has managed to stun the community with more than just dirty films. When the '99 cover of POZ revealed his naked body mounted on a horse, this impenetrable activist stance on barebacking reopened the book on AIDS and safe sex. This performance—written by Tony himself—presents an exploration of community, AIDS, sex, and more. June 23 at 8 and June 24 at 7, BAAD!, 841 Barretto, Bx, 718-842-5223. (KF)

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