Pride Guide

La Vasquez makes a major move and takes his Gay Pride Mega Party to the wide smoky expanse of the Roxy, with a triple pack of guest performers (Vernessa Mitchell, Sabrina Johnston, and Dynamix all deliver p.a.s throughout the night). Manny Lehman heats the decks until about four in the morning, when Junior works things over until late into the afternoon. A loop of classics sort you out in the Crystal Room if you need a break. June 24 at 11, Roxy, 515 W 18th, 307-7171. (JG)


Instead of taking the rampant "separate but equal" tack plaguing most of the parties specifically engineered for Lesbian Pride or Gay Pride, we've got one centralizing its night on the notion of unity. Doesn't it make you think of happy lesbians and queens holding hands singing "Kumbaya"? OK, well, that is a stretch, but grabbing your sisters or brothers of the opposite gender and bring-ing them to this musical affair has its rewards. There's a post-younity show by Ras, Younity, and Sabori, as well as surprise guests. Be sure to dress in your most appropriate and fiercest gear, or you may be celebrating on the steps outside. June 22 at 5 p.m., the Cutting Room, 19 W 24th, 691-1900. (KF)

The party that's always represented by the gay youthquake brings down the house in a "mega pride party." WKTU's DJ Mike Rizzo spins on the main floor, along with DJ Anthony Nero. Tons of giveaways litter the scene in between performances from "Gay Rapper," Sydney Barrows, Sinnamon and Elektra, and Daniel Essence of the House of Essence. Just to keep things interesting, 2(x)ist hosts the Underwear Dancing Competition, while musical styles from '80s new wave to progressive house play in the Tunnel's myriad party chambers. We'll see you in the makeout room. June 23 at 12:30 a.m., Tunnel, mid-block entrance a 27th betw Eleventh and Twelfth Aves, 479-7300. (JG)

A lot of these Pride parties lookin' a little, um, blanc to you? Then you'll be pleased to know about this super-party at the Frying Pan for queer people of color thrown by the South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association and the Audre Lorde Project. Rekha mixes the campy funk of Bollywood soundtracks with bhangra on the pier (for those who favor Twinkle Khanna over Jennifer Lopez), while the boat hosts socas and reggae by DJ Static, and house from Nick FSR. June 23 at 10, the Frying Pan, W 23rd and W Side Hwy, 358-5132. (JG)

Now we all know who usually populates this party so there's no need to mention the thou-sands of bustling males eagerly moving in sync to the sounds of Monty Q. Hosted by Heritage of Pride, the leaders of the Pride celebrations, this annual dance on the waterfront is in full swing once again. Amber, Sandy B, and Kevin Aviance perform, not to mention the fabulous and rumored-to-attend Mary J. Blige. Her appearance remains to be seen, but if she does show, how memorable would that be? Either way the gamble is worth taking; with fireworks and great lighting this jam has always and will remain to be one of the hottest tickets in Queer Town. June 24 at 4:30, Pier 54, 14th and W Side Hwy, 1-800-494-TIXS. (KF)

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