As Christgau understands, Bosavi music is created by distinct individuals, and they deserve individual credit.

Steven Feld
Department of Anthropology
New York University


Robert Chico [Letters, June 12] claims that juror Paula Thomson's actions in holding out and hanging a jury (11-1 for conviction), and then bailing out the defendant (an accused drug dealer), have drawn attention to the Rockefeller drug laws.

Thomson's strange attachment to defendant Calvin Baker appears to be personal. She told Jennifer Gonnerman ["The Education of a Juror," May 22] that she didn't believe the evidence against Baker. However, in using her own money to bail him out, she showed herself to be a zealot obsessed with her power to manipulate the judicial process.

Such fanaticism demonstrates the need for changes in New York State's Constitution that would allow criminal convictions with less than unanimous juries. Some states have done this, and there are few complaints that justice has suffered.

Michael J. Gorman

The writer is a lieutenant in the New York Police Department and an attorney.


I turned being laid up with a foot infection for a week recently into an opportunity to read through the last six months of Michael Feingold's theater pieces. He is, very simply, unmatched, the best we've got, the ne plus ultra of his art and craft. I don't always agree with him (who cares? That's for reviewers, not critics), but no one else out there combines his elegant writing, encyclopedic knowledge, keen judgments, moral passion, and humor both biting and hilarious. I'm looking forward to the next 30 years of his commentary.

Andrew Patner, Critic-at-Large
WFMT Fine Arts Radio
Chicago, Illinois


In "The Cult of J.T. LeRoy" (June 19) by Joy Press, the screenplay for the movie Sarah was incorrectly attributed. It was written by Patti Sullivan.

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