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Fuming, but not to a dance beat, the Ramseysare suing Court TV for implying that their son is a suspect in the murder of little JonBenet. They certainly have an airtight case: "How the fuck dare you! Wedid it!" (Kidding, of course—oh so kidding.)

And what of the hazardous Phil Bronstein, Sharon Stone's hubby, who was recently bitten by a Komodo dragon at the zoo? Why did he have to get shots? He already got them when he married Sharon Stone!

And who is divorcé Tom Cruise zoo-hopping with these days? He was recently reported to have been seen with Patricia Arquette, only to have various publicists insist it was a case of mistaken identity. But the person who first spotted them insists to me that it was indeed Tom and Patricia, not their lookalikes (which would be who—Kyle Bradfordand AlexisArquette?).

Moscow believes in fierce: partying at Heaven in Sheepshead Bay.
photo: Brian Finke
Moscow believes in fierce: partying at Heaven in Sheepshead Bay.

Finally, Jackie Collinsswept into town to chomp on some photo ops and tell me about things penile ("Hillaryshould have done a Lorena Bobbitt, then shredded it") and otherwise ("I turned down the chance to be in The Vagina Monologues. I didn't think I could climax in 20 different languages"). I can—so please pardon me while I down a Black Russian. Named Sergei.


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