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But no, I'm not saying Rooty will be Sign 'o' the Times for anybody but the wishful or kids who've grown up listening to Autechre. Disco is a heat lamp, inclusive or no, and there's no pop album right now with the internal edges of a great mix tape. Rooty's BPMs stay within a DJ's idea of reason and there's not, like, a live band breakdown or an ode to Dorothy Parker here. Nor is there always an individual personality driving or deforming the music, but the Jaxx can find one when they need to. "Romeo" singer Kele le Roc's needs sound a lot more immediate than J.Lo's, and the female chorus on "Get Me Off" demands "fuck me, trust me, get me off," without sounding too much like some guy asked them to do it. Some guys did, though, and I've got no proof they were more interested in the lyrics than in the nasty square wave synth bassline. I still get a feeling the Jaxx aren't puppeteers. At least the "trust me" bit acknowledges the fact that folks have lives after the dance ends.

And you may tell yourself, "This is not my beautiful house!"
photo: Spiros Politis
And you may tell yourself, "This is not my beautiful house!"


Basement Jaxx

Though I accept Basement Jaxx as a viable Now Version of culture mash, I still miss the edges, vive la différence and all that. That makes me sound like one of those Brits who don't like the Euro because it's, well, different and not British, and that's not a good enough reason to resist the future. Forget what it isn'tRooty's bring-it-on disco attitude feels pretty rock and roll next to the woe-is-me slow dance that rock has become, whether you're rocking Sigur Rós or Creed. Put "Romeo" in between the Creation's "Making Time" and "Crosseyed and Painless" and you've got a vigorous hat trick. That's exactly where it is on our current family mix tape. And though my wife thinks the Beatles need to go because they're too well known and my eldest son doesn't like the Gal Costa tune, everything's gonna be all right. Yesterday's gone. Let it all go.

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