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California Lawmakers Keep Condit at Arm’s Length

Police have searched the nearby area of Rock Creek Park and alerted morgues nationwide to keep an eye out for unidentified Chandra look-alikes.

Cotchett, the Condit attorney, told CNN the real scandal is the number of young people who've gone missing in D.C.—five or six young women, including Chandra, near Dupont Circle alone. Citywide this year, 190 people over 19 and 253 under 19 are missing. Two years ago, Joyce Chiang, a former intern and INS attorney, disappeared in the early evening after going out for coffee not far from Levy's apartment. Twelve days later, her clothing was found in Anacostia, across the river from D.C., and six weeks later, her decomposed body was discovered floating in the Potomac.

Chandra's neighborhood has seen eight robberies since December, two of them at gunpoint. Police say a couple discovered fatally shot on Sunday was last seen leaving Lulu's Mardi Gras Club, a place around the corner from Levy's apartment billed as the nightspot where "Every day's a party." D.C. cops told The Washington Times they didn't know whether there was a connection between this double murder and Levy's disappearance, and said they could not investigate the killings since the only evidence was in Maryland.

Additional reporting: Sandra Bisin and Ariston-Lizabeth Anderson

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