After the Gold Rush

With Chelsea Settled, Deitch Takes a Crack at Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg: Jeffrey Deitch travels to Brooklyn.
photo: Robin Holland
Colonial Williamsburg: Jeffrey Deitch travels to Brooklyn.

Deitch Projects in Williamsburg may be an infection or the beginning of a mutually beneficial parasitical relationship. Either way it seems clear that Chelsea as the only center is not holding. Sooner or later, other dealers will open in other neighborhoods—alone or in groups. When they do, it won't be about being pioneers, it will be about the art. I love the art neighborhoods we have—but there are also such things as neighborhoods of one. If you show good art, people will come. If they don't come, it's their loss. I say bring it on. Who knows, someday when people say they live five stops out on the L train, they might mean they live on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan.

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