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This week's column is short—and if you look around you'll quickly understand why. In addition to highlighting three dance events in the Short List, the paper's dedicated this entire page to club listings of all kinds to aid you in your quest for summer fun.

You know the recession's here when even superstar DJs have to put in long hours to get their (sometimes excessive) pay. Not that Brit jock and producer Ian Pooley doesn't deserve a raise of some sort, especially since he's working up a sweat on both floors this week at Plant. He'll spin for a few hours with residents Marcus and Dominique on the main floor before running downstairs for a 3 a.m. "deep set" in the unfortunately named "Pinky" (do not, I implore you, say the "Pinky Room"). Pooley's original recordings and remix work are usually more inspired than his DJ sets, which tend to flatline with no peaks or valleys, so here's hoping he plays a healthy helping of his own tracks. Saturday @ 10, Centro-Fly, 45 W 21st, 627-7770.



Plant Bar, 217 East 3rd Street, 375-9066, free
To look at him, Tim Sweeney is a mild-mannered kind of guy. But once he steps behind the Technics, this young, lanky DJ is transformed into a sweating, gesticulating turntablist machine as he cuts, scratches, and beat juggles à la Jeff Mills. Musically, it's all about eclecticism as Sweeney drops old-school hip-hop, trip-hop, broken beat/nu-jazz, electronica, and whatever else takes his fancy, and the more esoteric the better. (Joseph)

Nativa, 5 East 19th Street, 615-6913,, $10
This mixed-race, mixed-gender, and particularly female-friendly environment boasts two floors of fun from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m., with hip-hop, reggae, and r&b spun on the main floor by DJ Big Ben and deep-house classics spun by Carlos Alberto and special guests on the upper level. (Cooper)

Jet Lounge, 286 Spring Street, 625-9121, free
Dark, cold, and gritty, this highly stylized, mirrored little club wel-comes a youngish collection of poppers, lockers, breakers, and bass-head dancers to its free d'n'b weekly. The bartenders are hot, the dancing is entertaining, and the music is hard NY stuff that gets under your skin until you stomp it out. (Peretti)

Halcyon, 227 Smith Street, Brooklyn, 718-260-9299, free
Ever since the fall of Sleaze Factor, tech house has been slightly on the wane, but this weekly—with residents Mike Bryant, Alexi Delano, Casey Hogan, and Dylan Drazen—keeps the heady house fanatics happy. The superior sound system of Brooklyn hot-spot café Halcyon gives every tinkle the crisp precision it deserves. Usually a sit-down atmosphere prevails, but occasionally a special guest, like recent visitor Terry Lee Brown Jr., gets things rowdy. (Romano)

Guernica, 25 Avenue B, 674-0984, free
2step, with that saucy bass and those dancey, sexy vocals, is a little burgeoning scene here in the large Macintosh. If you're curious about the sound, or love it already and are ISO a weekly jam, go hear Greg Poole spin. Lucinda opens, and MC Idris brings words, saying encouraging things like "Energy!" to keep you on your feet. (Peretti)


S.O.B.'s, 204 Varick Street, 243-4940, $12
Basement Bhangra's been bopping the first Thursday of every month for years now, the in spot for young urban professional South Asians to get their Bollywood groove on. Of course, Rehka and Navdeep like to spice it up, mixing their bhangra big beat with hip-hop, r&b, and, for the rude bwoys, just a touch of dancehall. (Caramanica)

Rubber Monkey, 279 Church Street, 625-8220, $10
With the increasingly popular Hatch 2step parties on brief hiatus while the promoters secure a new spot, one of their alums, namely DJ Sean B, has joined forces with Riain from the Freeskool massive for a new party that touts 2step and breakbeat values. If the Hatch faithful are any indication of the type of club denizens who will show up for the BOOM shenani-gans, there'll be nary a raver in sight, just good old party people eager to get their groove on. (Joseph)


Frank's Lounge, 660 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, 726-1322, 866-D3NITES (bus info), $5
In the name of cultural enlightenment, Brooklyn's favorite underground house night goes bi-borough in a special double party with sister night Baktun. A party bus shuttles Manhattanites house heads out to Brooklyn. Think of it as a sort of Deep House Express. (Germosén)

Vinyl, 6 Hubert Street, 343-1379, $20
At the moment, Danny Tenaglia's the last superstar DJ standing in New York, and rightfully so: With no drunk idiots, dress codes, and pretenses, his party is always about the music. The night may flirt with early-'80s synth washes and his latest Depeche Mode remix, or it may hammer away incessantly until it virtually explodes at its peak, but either way, the eclecticism is pure Tenaglia—a mix of heavy percussion, long trancelike spells, and accessible vocals. (Spartos)

El Flamingo, 547 West 21st Street, 243-2121, $10
Aside from the KTU commercial house that's plaguing all lesbian joints these days, this place has notable character, procured through years of business. After a slow start last summer, it's done more than regain the strength it lost after being jostled from its former home at Mother. The bar brims with hip-hop and reggae, while house beats help the ladies pound the floor upstairs. Lovely dancers—a prerequisite of all NYC lesbian clubs and bars—are a coveted addition to the evening. (Franklin)

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