Rescuing Martin Luther King Jr.

A Craving for Equal Justice

Although the AFL-CIO's membership is still falling, 26 percent of all the voters in the last presidential election came from union households—as John Sweeney justifiably boasts. And last year, the NAACP showed its ability to mount the most successful voter registration campaign it had ever attempted. And those voters came out!

If the AFL-CIO and black organizations can stop sitting shivah (mourning) for the "lost" election, part of a burgeoning coalition can begin to more actively strategize. Ralph Nader, in view of the expectations he raised among many who had not previously voted, should be organizing part of that truly democratic coalition—along with greens, Latinos, Asian Americans, gays, and those white liberals who are justly suspicious of the New Democrats. The latter applaud themselves for passing a Patients' Bill of Rights in the Senate—which does nothing for 43 million uninsured Americans.

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