Ivanesevic's not-so-freakish victory puts Pete Sampras's stature in perspective. The hard-serving Sampras, you will recall, hasn't won a major anywhere but Wimbledon since the Australian Open in 1997. Can you say one-trick pony?

The other side of the surface-seeding compromise—the increase from 16 to 32 seeds in all Grand Slams—should help the USTA breathe easier, too. The new system all but guarantees that two stars—teen Roddick, who's moved to No. 33 (and climbing) on the men's computer, and Anna Kournikova, who has dropped to No. 13—will be seeded at this September's U.S. Open.

Goran wasn't the only unlikely winner at Wimbledon. Jared Palmer, the veteran pro whose efforts to qualify for the 1999 U.S. Open doubles draw were profiled in the Village Voice, won the men's doubles title with Donald Johnson, for his first career Grand Slam victory.

Contributors: Allen St. John, Neil deMause
Sports Intern: Jonathan Kalmuss-Katz
Sports Editor: Ward Harkavy

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