Sex Outside the City

She nodded in agreement as she moaned gently. Then it was a test of her will, to see how long she could hold out until we had to get up. The goats were making a racket outside as the sun blazed stronger in the window. Finally, she had that look on her face, and I knew it was time. We ever so carefully got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom, where I lay in the tub and she stood above me. I made her come like a banshee, all over my chest, and I was thankful we hadn't disturbed anything else in the process.

We showered and dressed for breakfast, then walked over to the main house, on the way meeting all the boisterous animals. Our hosts greeted us, inquiring, "Did you city folks sleep well?"

"We had quite a wake-up call," I grinned. "Between the rooster and the goats, you must have just jumped out of bed," said the man we saw the night before.

"We jumped all right," Red said, and then we sat down for a good old-fashioned country breakfast.

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