‘A.I.’: Alternative Interpretations

The Mechalogue

TERENCE DAVIES After mean drunk Daddy dumps David in an alleyway during a rainstorm, kindly, strapping construction worker Gigolo Joe comforts the miserable moppet with a trip to the movies, where the Blue Fairy appears to David in the form of Doris Day in The Pajama Game. The 2000-year time jump is signaled by an eight-minute tracking shot across the Hudson River, after which the aliens clone dead Daddy but fail to resurrect dead Mommy (Gillian Anderson).

DAVID CRONENBERG David succeeds in finding the Blue Fairy, who does her new-flesh best to make him a real boy—leaving him a demented, oozing cyborg with both a large vaginal orifice and a giant hydraulic penis. David impregnates himself, and begets a new race of meta-mechas.

Compiled by Michael Atkinson, Mark Holcomb, Dennis Lim, and Jessica Winter

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