I recall one "dharma talk" given by a Tibetan lama at which an African student was coldly told that his continent was not "ready" for Buddhism. Nor should we overlook the tremendous social distance between the Buddhism of Asian Americans and immigrants and that of the white upper middle class, which is so trendy nowadays. Not feeling welcome in such a neo-yuppie aristocracy myself, this blue-collar-origin yiddishe/Boricuan mutant opted for the more welcoming climes of—believe it or not—Hinduism. But that's another story . . .

Ganesh S. Durgadas
Albany, New York


I've always known that the press can take a one-sided view of events, especially when politics are involved. However, especially in light of recent events, I find myself particularly sickened by Ward Harkavy's March 13 article about poor Wayne DuMond ["The Castration of Wayne DuMond"], a man who was convicted of a brutal rape in Arkansas.

To read Harkavy's report, DuMond was not granted a fair trial or a pardon primarily because the victim was a distant relative of ex-president Clinton. Now this man is in prison in Missouri awaiting trial on one murder and considered the prime suspect in a second! I've never been a fan of Clinton. But in Harkavy's zeal to condemn him, he overlooked the reality that Wayne DuMond is a dangerous individual and a threat to society. I find such reporting irresponsible.

Kimberly Lovegreen
Tampa Bay, Florida


Jerry Saltz's enthusiasm for "The LP Show" at Exit Art ["Cover Me," June 26] was, as they say, infectious. Unfortunately, while the exhibit sounds terrific, Exit Art did not come up "with an idea for a show that is so simple no one ever thought of it before."

A year and a half ago, the University of New Mexico's Art Museum in Albuquerque mounted an almost identical exhibition of LP covers from the '40s through the '80s as part of a three-month multimedia show. Granted, the New Mexico show's selection of LP covers (which was drawn in large measure from my collection) was smaller; still, it covered a very long museum wall.

Lee Bartlett
Placitas, New Mexico

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