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Wear Rona Barrett's lavender products to Man Ray, the trendy new restaurant that's very Tao crossed with Auntie Mame's den, with lighting so bright that movie stars would have to be crazy to go there. (I guess that's why the place is attracting crazy movie stars.) The food? Tomato sorbet, mint pea puree, and other stuff that would look great in your hair!

Sport a giant tease for Music From a Sparkling Planet and enjoy it, though the play has elements that are weary (the three central losers endlessly discuss old sitcoms), stereotypical (the gay character adores opera and decor), and heavy-handed. But J. Smith-Cameron is super as the "Delaware Valley Greta Garbo," and there's some poetry to be found in the play's longing for the past's vision of the future. Yes, a mixed review.

But my three thumbs are way up for the fact that drag queen humor has apparently infiltrated the hetero mainstream. You want proof? When I closed my eyes during Amanda Green's show at Second Stage Theatre last week, I could have sworn I was in one of my beloved drag clubs watching a naughty, bawdy trannie entertainer. But Amanda, the daughter of Adolph Green and Phyllis Newman, happens to be a biological female—a slinky urban blond with high heels and lofty (if raunchy) wit. With the help of guest stars, Green presented her song about gynecology (I swear the words meat curtain were worked into the lyrics), her version of "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" ("Who's That Guy Sleeping in My Bed?"), and the plaintive lament of a gay sperm donor ("I always stayed away from minors/I thought we both agreed that I don't care for vaginers"). But there were heartfelt ballads too, making for an evening so diversely fun, in a cabaret-y way, that I left humming the evening's title tune, "Put a Little Love in Your Mouth!" And some mayo on your hair.

Crouching Bitches, Hidden Hard-ons: Girl Monday makes Jennifer Blowdryer taste defeat at Fun.
photo: Brian Finke
Crouching Bitches, Hidden Hard-ons: Girl Monday makes Jennifer Blowdryer taste defeat at Fun.

But the most surreal image of the week was at the premiere of Greenfingers, a Trudie Styler-coproduced Full Monty-type flick involving prisoners who garden. Before the movie, a Rikers Island inmate with a green thumb got up to beamingly announce, "A group of ex-offenders created this bouquet for Trudie Styler!" I grabbed it, to turn into skin care products.

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