Net Returns

And that, of course, isn't a cynical notion at all. Or even a skeptical one, really. It's the kind of thought that's done looking to the Internet for economic salvation and ready to start watching it for lessons in the new political economy. Lewis doesn't quite mention the Internet's slippery role in the struggle over the definition of globalization, the way it facilitates both the pernicious postmodern mobility of capital and the rapid-deployment protests that have chased the new satraps of empire wherever they've gone to gather. Nor does he quite broach the point that in an increasingly networked world, the struggle over who writes the software becomes an increasingly political one. But he drops enough clues to point a willing reader in the right direction; perhaps even to inspire the right reader to compose a clearer vision of the next generation of Internet idealism. For now, though, Next will more than do.

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