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Full Force Float on, From ‘Roxanne Roxanne’ to Britney and Beyond

"Float On" overkill? Not really. "That song is a classic," gushes Lou. "I think it's going to be a big classic again because we didn't fuck it up." The very nature of the original "Float On" was character-driven. Each of the Floaters identified himself and his zodiac sign, and then went on to describe the kind of women he preferred. The song went No. 1 r&b and No. 2 pop; like many of the early hits Full Force produced, "Float On" has had longer staying power than the artists who recorded it.

Boasting shamelessly about the quality of Still Standing, Lou vows that Full Force will set the industry on its ear, just like in years past. "We are going to shock the musical world once more," he announces like a mad scientist bent on taking over the world. But the new album will truly have to find its legs to match Lou and company's track record. "All I Have to Give" went double-platinum for the Backstreet Boys. And Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam scored five gold singles, two No. 1's on both r&b and pop charts, and two platinum albums.

One could praise Full Force as creative visionaries who, since the '80s, have stayed true to their cutting-edge artistry. Or you could dismiss them as purveyors of lyrics and sounds that were merely consistent with the flavor of the day, clever manipulators of trends; hit-and-run producers who know exactly how to find an artist, write for that artist, then move on to the next one. "I just keep on doing what I'm doing because I know in the long run it's gonna be successful," offers Lou philosophically. "We've been blessed to be versatile because we can produce and write black music but we can also produce and write pop music that white people do—I wanna do a country record one day. I don't want to be limited."

Full Force make music for everybody.
photo: Dennis Kleiman
Full Force make music for everybody.

Spoken like a true malcontent with an insatiable desire to be all things to all people "just because we can." And because it actually seems to work.

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