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Controlled Chaos Rules at FringeNYC

Some festival works interpret topics ripped from the headlines. In Heston/Richardson Dancetheatre's multimedia work B$LL, dancer-choreographer Melissa Heston portrays a wannabe Bill Gates wearing a man's power suit and nerd glasses. She literally climbs the corporate ladder and dances to Sinatra's "I've Got the World on a String." The provocative text by director and playwright Helen Richardson, interspersed with Heston's playful, Chaplin-esque movement, questions the American dream and whether technology is the new religion.

In Mark Gomez's Songs My Mother Taught Me, Eloquence Performance Company explores an abusive family relationship, evoking the power dynamic in a troubled marriage; the husband literally steps on his wife as she lies on the ground, her back arched. Bryon Davis's For Mature Audiences Only, a bluesy jazz piece, examines voyeurism. "At a club, when two people are sultry and sexy, you tend to watch even if you're thinking, 'Get a room,' " says Davis. "We give audiences something more to look at than technical dancers."

FringeNYC's organized chaos is not for the intransigent balletomane. Choreographers come together to break conventions and stir up emotions. "It's the essence of the city compacted," says Holy.

Pressure point: Tina Vasseghi of Eloquence performance company
photo: Fred Hatt
Pressure point: Tina Vasseghi of Eloquence performance company

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