Refill Madness

Hemp-Powered Car Rolls Its Own Fuel

In the end, that battle might be moot, with arguing over combustible fuels at the start of this century like arguing over superior horse feeds at the start of the last. Even Olympian's Burke argues that hydrogen fuel cells may be poised to supplant the lot of them in a generation or two. Some biodiesel enthusiasts cite Dr. Rudolf Diesel's prediction that vegetable oils may seem insignificant today, but over time may become "as important as petroleum and the coal tar products." Others recall his French contemporary, Jules Verne, who prophesized that "water is the coal of the future. The energy of tomorrow is water broken down into hydrogen and oxygen, using electricity. These elements will secure the earth's power supply for an indefinite period." Then again, experts suggest that biodiesel could reposition itself as a source of hydrogen.

Regardless of the outcome, the trippy Hemp Car will be a burnout. "We all have gasoline automobiles. After this, it's back to gasoline, unfortunately," admits Fur. But will the crew still find use for cannabis? "Well," he says, revealing everything and nothing, "y'know. . . . "

Hemp Across America: The Hemp Car crew
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Hemp Across America: The Hemp Car crew

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