Jason Bray
Moose Creek, Canada


• Last week's Press Clips incorrectly reported that a 15 percent pay cut imposed on Salon employees this April did not apply to Salon founder David Talbot and CEO MichaelO'Donnell. In fact, both Talbot and O'Donnell took the cut, which brought both of their salaries down from $225,000 to $191,250. The Voice regrets the error.

• Due to an editing error, a sentence in the last paragraph of a letter from Kimberly O'Grady (August 14), the daughter of a policeman killed in a 1981 armored-car robbery for which leftist activist Kathy Boudin and several other people were convicted and imprisoned, was inaccurate. It should have read: "She [Boudin] knew damn well that there were people hidden inside that U-Haul with semi-automatic weapons, just waiting to shoot and kill anyone in a uniform."

• The location of wrestler Brian Pillman's death was misstated in Nick Mamatas's article "Everything's Fake but the Deaths" (August 14). Pillman died in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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