Lukas Moodysson Travels Light

No Place Like Utopia

Moodysson remains vague when questioned about future projects (he's already completed the script for his third feature), but he does mention a longstanding interest in a movie project about a painter friend. He quickly clarifies: "A real painter—he paints walls, goes into people's homes. I would never make a film about the other kind of painter." Moodysson says he has no plans to follow in the path of his countryman and Miramax's favorite piece of Oscar bait, Lasse Hallström, "for three reasons: I would like to make better films. I would like to have more control over my films. And I don't want to live in America." He says he's at once attracted to and repulsed by America (he keeps mentioning George W. Bush and Julia Roberts) and would like eventually to make a movie "about this imperialistic culture. I haven't spent much time here, but I'm a fast learner." Moodysson, it turns out, has a master plan, and he maps it out with amusing precision: "I'd like to make one or two more films in Sweden, and one documentary, and one soap, and one or two English-language films, not necessarily in that order, and then I will retire."

Britney Spears (bottom) with fan
photo: Robin Holland
Britney Spears (bottom) with fan

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