Let’s Get Ready to Fumble!

The Giants: What Are the Odds?

1 out of 3: The average winning percentage last season of NFC "Easy" division rivals Dallas, Washington, and Arizona was .333. This will most certainly help balance out the Giants' tough out-of-division matchups against Denver (in the season opener), Green Bay, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Oakland.

Here's some history for you: In the Super Bowl's 35 years, only five losers have made it back to the big game the following season—and three of them were the Buffalo Bills of the early 1990s. But over the past 10 seasons, the Super Bowl losers have posted an average regular season record of 10-6 the following season. If past form holds, the 2001 Giants will be good enough to battle the improving Philadelphia Eagles for the NFC East title or, at worst, earn a wild card.

But sometimes, of course, wild cards turn out to be nothing but jokers.

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