Lifestyles of the Rich and Heinous

The Fall Fashion Magazines

Of course, you don't have to schlep to those soirees without help. Even if the fete is at your own house, there are ways you can deploy servants to make things easier. According to W, Georgette Mosbacher, a cosmetics titan who owns a company called Princess Marcella Borghese, sends her driver for engravings and embroidery several times a week. "For my dinner parties, I will take a silver mint-julep cup and have it engraved with the date and the name of the guest I'm honoring." Perhaps she could run out and get those monogrammed julep glasses herself if she wasn't wearing stuff like this season's high-heeled boots, footwear W describes as "corsets for the calves."

But all the giddy do-gooding and toilet-paper-less travails pale in comparison with the revolting spectacle that occupies W's main fashion spread, a series of photographs taken in Bangkok that unabashedly celebrates the traffic in human flesh. Not content to use Wat Po or the Royal Palace as backdrops, the photographer has pressed Thai citizens into service as fashion accessories. The action starts slowly with a photo of a model in a Ralph Lauren trench coat hanging out in a cockfighting pit, but picks up steam a couple of pages later, where a sad-looking muscled guy wearing nothing but a pair of bikini briefs and a tag that says "41" is waiting for customers in a doorway. And oh, the delights to come: A two-page spread offers a stern blond mistress wearing a dust mask and a Ferre houndstooth wool jacket, looking down her nose at toiling seamstresses in what can only be a genuine sweatshop. But the pièce de résistance is a line of prostitutes in pasties and underpants, some barely out of childhood, parading atop a boardroom table under the gaze of a female master of the universe who looks nifty in a Miguel Androver cotton shirt and a Louis Vuitton wool skirt. What's in store for the October issue? It's too early for confirmation, but there are rumors of shatoosh shawls wafting in the breeze at a Taliban stoning, Sudanese slaves frolicking amid models in saucy halter dresses, and a gaggle of gals in striped playsuits soaking up the sun at an execution in Texas.

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