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Still Lacking a Clear Front-Runner, the Democratic Primary Is Just Around the Corner. Voting?

Age 22
Resides Bronx
Occupation Shipping and receiving

Are you voting in the Democratic primary? The thought has crossed my mind.

If so, for whom, and if not, why?I'm feeling very cynical about politics right now. All the building and new construction in my neighborhood is happening only because it's an election year. I live in the Château of Shit near Yankee Stadium, and normally very little money comes uptown. All these candidates are talking a lot of jazz just to get elected, and the endorsements aren't making it any clearer. I'm still trying to figure Al Sharpton out. I like him, but with Sharpton, you always have to read the fine print.

What should Rudy Giuliani do next?As long as he doesn't end up a judge, I really don't care what he does next. He's so arrogant. After years of siding with the police on Diallo, Dorismond, and Abner Louima, he finally sides with the family run over by a policeman. Even he knows you can't side with a drunk cop.

Resides Manhattan
Occupation Graphic designer

Are you voting in the Democratic primary? Yes.

For whom, and why?I don't know. It's a big field. All the candidates are liberal, but they're playing it safe. They'll say anything. It's like Social Security now. During the election, everyone promised to never touch it and now look what's happening. The ghost of George Bush Sr. is coming back to haunt us.

What should Rudy Giuliani do next?He should become a drag queen at La Cage aux Folles. There we'd see the other side of Rudy Giuliani.

Resides Manhattan
Occupation Lawyer

Are you voting in the Democratic primary? Yes.

For whom, and why?Mark Green. I like what he's been saying. Vallone and Hevesi seem like weenies to me, and Fernando Ferrer has really put me off with his association with Al Sharpton.

What should Rudy Giuliani do next?Besides dig a deep hole and stuff himself into it? I don't know.

Resides Brooklyn
Occupation Financial analyst

Are you voting in the Democratic primary? No.

Why not?I'm a new immigrant, so I can't.

What should Rudy Giuliani do next?I think he should go into some form of entertainment. I'd like to see him join the cast of Saturday Night Liveand specialize in women's roles. Following in the footsteps of Will Farrell, who does impressions, the mayor could impersonate Hillary Clinton.

Resides Manhattan
Occupation Education coordinator

Are you voting in the Democratic primary?Yes.

For whom, and why?Fernando Ferrer. I was going to vote for him before Al Sharpton's endorsement because Ferrer is the most liberal and the most radical and the most anti-Giuliani of the candidates, but Sharpton's endorsement carries a lot of weight. This election can't come soon enough.

What should Rudy Giuliani do next?I can think of a lot of things he should do, but I don't know that they're suitable for print.

Resides Queens
Occupation Truck driver

Are you voting in the Democratic primary?Yes.

For whom, and why?I haven't decided, but I'm leaning toward Vallone. I'm from Queens. Hevesi's a little meticulous for me, although I really think the mayor should stop taking his personal problems out on him. Giuliani's done a good job with the city, but he does have issues.

What should Rudy Giuliani do next?He definitely shouldn't get a TV show. I think he should focus on becoming an advocate for children. Work like that would broaden his horizons.

Resides Manhattan
Occupation Student

Are you voting in the Democratic primary? Yes, although I'm not registered yet.

For whom, and why?I need to do some fast research on the candidates. Even though I've lived here for three years, until this year I considered myself a foreigner. I'm originally from Las Vegas, a city that is entirely centered around gambling. Because of that, I've always been indifferent to politics. I do know that the current mayor has shown a definite lack of empathy for blue-collar and lower-class New Yorkers.

What should Rudy Giuliani do next?Since I don't even know where I should go in the next 30 minutes, I don't feel qualified to advise the mayor on his future.

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