For Whom the Bell Tolls, Part I

The Missing and the Dead

Among those still searching for Cascio are his younger brother, Evan, and 40 or 50 of his close friends who are canvassing hospitals, reading lists around the city, according to his father. "It is a wonderful tribute to him," said Paul Sr., "a wonderful tribute to little Paul, my boy."

MISSING: Ana Centeno
Ana Centeno is a fantastic athlete. Each day after work as a forensic accountant for CAPS, Centeno, 38, goes to the gym for three hours and can run 13 or 14 miles at a stretch. She was a competitive long-distance runner in high school and in college. Ed Pulver, her good friend and former boss of 14 years, said he helped bring her up since she was a little kid and has known her almost since the day she moved to the United States from Puerto Rico when she was five years old. Awake at 6 a.m. every single day, Centeno traveled nearly 40 minutes on the PATH train from her home in Bayonne, New Jersey, to her office on the 101st floor of World Trade Center tower one. "She loves her job there, she is a very hard worker," Pulver said.

MISSING: Swarma Chalasani
Relatives of Swarma Chalasani admire her work ethic as an assistant vice president for Fiduciary Trust. In the year or so that Chalasani, 33, has worked for the company on the 94th floor of tower two and while she was employed at Merrill Lynch, she "has never been late to work, she was usually early. And she even went in on weekends," her sister said. Her dedication to work is matched only by her commitment to the lives of her family and her friends. She moved to the United States 12 years ago with her immediate family and lives in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Photograph by André Souroujon

MISSING: Liam Colhoun
After 11 years of marriage, Liam Colhoun, 34, has come to be seen by his wife as the Good Samaritan type. "He would definitely run to help someone he thought was hurt," Helen Colhoun said.

Indeed, his willingness to sacrifice himself for others may be why he is among the missing. "I am concerned that he went back to help others," said Helen, who learned that Liam was spotted on Church Street near the Millenium Hotel after the second plane struck the World Trade Center. Liam, who worked at Bank of America Securities on the 82nd floor of tower one, met Helen at Baruch College 17 years ago, and is the father of a five-year-old girl.

MISSING: James "Jimmy" Crawford
James "Jimmy" Crawford was thrilled to learn seven months ago that his wife of two years, Lisa, was pregnant. He has worked at Cantor Fitzgerald for two years, happily making the long trek from Summit, New Jersey, to his office on the 104th floor of tower one.

Crawford, 33, was popular among his coworkers for his gold pinky ring, a great complement to his outgoing personality. Lisa said she fell for Jimmy's blue eyes and brilliant blond hair.

MISSING: Daniel Crisman
After temping for a year at Marsh & McLennan, Daniel Crisman's dream finally came true on September 1. He was offered a permanent job as trading coordinator on the 96th floor of tower one. "He was so excited that day," said his girlfriend, Danielle, whom he met during a poetry workshop at a friend's house. In an evening of sharing and writing poetry, Danielle found Crisman's reading irresistible. "He is just the coolest guy you'll ever meet. I just love it when he finally comes home from work," she said.

Crisman, 25, has lived with Danielle in the Chelsea neighborhood for two years, and is an only child.

MISSING: Eric Andrew Lehrfeld
Eric Andrew Lehrfeld, 32, was attending a conference at Windows on the World, at the top of tower one. A husband and father of one daughter, Lehrfeld is described as five-ten, with brown hair and a wedding band.

MISSING: Kenny Marino
A firefighter with Rescue Co. 1, Kenny Marino was one of the first to enter the towers. Marino, of Monroe, New York, has two kids, daughter Kristin, almost four years old, and son Tyler, one and a half. "We were in the city that day," said his wife, Katarina. "I saw him for about a half-hour at 8:10 a.m. Everyone's been trying to beep him. He has his beeper on. At 7:45 I beeped him so that we could trade cars. I went down there because he had the keys. The kids got to see him that morning. They sat in the fire truck.

"I saw the plane," she added. "Everyone has been helping out with neighbors and friends. Everyone has been a great help."

MISSING: John Heffernan
The firefighter on the lower right of the six whose photos are displayed on the wall of Engine 28, on Second Street east of Avenue B, is notable for the curl in his lip and the crazy gleam in his eye. John Heffernan is a Rockaway boy who lives with his wife and kids in Middle Village, Queens. But on the Lower East Side he has a second identity: Johnny Bully, guitarist for the Bullys. This is a big band in the local punk world. They tour nationwide, with Johnny somehow managing their business side, and their albums are produced by Marky Ramone. On the Bullys' Web site is home to screeds called TWATs: the World According To Johnny.

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