For Whom the Bell Tolls, Part I

The Missing and the Dead

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MISSING: Abe "Avremel" Zelmanowitz
Abe "Avremel" Zelmanowitz, 55, of Brooklyn, was at work for Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield in tower one, as a computer programmer. Born in New York State, he had logged 10 years with the company.

MISSING: Anna Medina
Anna Medina, 39, was on the 101st floor of tower one, working for AON Consultants. A lifelong Brooklynite, Medina is mother to an 11-year-old son, Leonardo Acosta. Loved ones described her as five-seven and 180 pounds, with shoulder-length red hair. At the time of the attacks, she had a pedicure with a mint-green color and white designs, along with tips on her nails that were orange with a black-and-white design. Medina lives with her mother, 87, and is one of 14 siblings—10 sisters and three brothers. Relatives said she loves to watch her son play baseball.

Photograph by André Souroujon

KILLED: Daniel Suhr
A 37-year-old firefighter, Daniel Suhr was hit by a person jumping from the towers and instantly killed. Suhr, a native of Marine Park and member of Engine Co. 216, leaves a wife, Nancy, and a daughter, Briana.

KILLED: William Feehan
The first deputy commissioner of the New York Fire Department, a proud, lifelong resident of New York City, and a devoted father and grandfather, William Feehan died Tuesday when his command center was crushed by the collapse of the south tower of the World Trade Center. He was 71 and lived in Flushing, Queens.

Feehan served as acting fire commissioner during David Dinkins's administration and the first deputy commissioner under Giuliani. William Feehan Jr. said that the night of the Dinkins-Giuliani election was one of the most thrilling moments of his life. "It was a very close race," he said. "There was a sense of dismay for all the Dinkins people and Dinkins supporters, and my brother and I thought, oh well, there he goes. [My father] thought there was no chance that he would be asked to serve another administration at age 67."

Feehan Sr.'s father, brother, eldest son, nephew, and son-in-law all opted to devote their lives to the fire department, and the deputy commish had been known to spend much of his time, including holidays, at the fire station. "I remember there was a family party of some sort," William Jr. recalled. "At about 4:30 he left for work. It was Christmas or Thanksgiving. At about 7 o'clock, in walks my father. He wasn't supposed to work that night."

He was loyal to the New York fire department and developed deep friendship with its members. Feehan was also a dedicated family man. "Each of the experiences that I went through in my life, he seemed like my biggest fan, and I think it was the same for my brothers and sisters," said Feehan Jr. "You can't grow up as a kid and have your father have a better job than to be a firefighter. He always came home with the smell of smoke on his clothes. It sounds silly, but one of the most comforting smells to me is the smell of smoke.

"I can remember being a kid, the day the Mets lost the '73 World Series. My father took me into work with him, in Chinatown. It was great—I got to ride the fire engines and stuff, and this guy, Charlie, would bring in almond cookies in for all the men. Charlie made sure that I got my own almond cookie that day. The people, they interact with the fire department in this city."

Feehan Sr. is survived by his two sons, William and John, two daughters, Elizabeth Feehan and Tara Davan, and six grandchildren.

MISSING: Vinod Prakkat
According to an online posting, Vinod Prakkat was on the 103rd floor of tower one. "He works for Cantor Fitzgerald," the searcher wrote. "The last we heard from him was when his friend talked to him minutes before the first plane crashed into the WTC. . . . His wife, Jayashree, is pregnant and waiting for him."

MISSING: Patrick Adams
Patrick Adams, a former security guard for The Village Voice for two and a half years and longtime worker for JC Mandel Security Bureau, was working on the 80th floor of tower two on September 11. He called his wife after he saw a plane crash into the first tower to tell her that he was stuck between two doors but was trying to get out of the building. He hasn't been heard from since.

Adams, a naturalized American citizen born in Guyana, was recognized among Voice employees as being a notably loving and compassionate man. "I never asked him for any favor that he said no," said Colbert Watson, a past coworker. "He was so nice. For the old messenger staff, he would just call them and buy them a whole pizza, like every Wednesday.

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